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3 New Methods For Article Marketing Success

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3 New Methods For Article Marketing Success

Posted on July 30, 2008 | Filed Under Article Marketing

It’s amazing how much information is circulating around the
Internet on how to conduct an article marketing campaign.
Unfortunately most of these methods focus purely on dumping
large amounts of recycled, re-worded and junk content on
various article directories all over cyberspace, while this
method may garner a few links it certainly falls short of
delivering quality content to readers in your target
market… readers that will be warmed up to your offer and
ready to buy!

Unlike the popular methods of the day my approach is quite
the opposite but the results speak for themselves as I
consistently have traffic coming in from articles written
months prior. Here are a few tools from my article
marketing toolbox to incorporate when ramping up your
article marketing efforts.

First don’t get overzealous when it comes to writing
articles. For each market you are working in start out slow
and submit one or two articles per week maximum! Legitimate
publishers aren’t going to want more nor can they publish
more than one article per week or even per month based on
the frequency of their ezine or newsletter publication. The
good news is at this slower rate you shouldn’t burned out
cranking one five hundred word article each week helping to
keep the creative juices flowing.

You need to mix it up every now and again so your articles
don’t get stale! Stop relying completely on the major
article distribution services, especially the ones that
just post your articles to directories. You need to get
your articles out to new sites and by mixing up your
article distribution and building your own list of editors
and publications you will reach an even wider audience by
getting your articles in front of readers that would not
have otherwise seen them. So fire up your favorite search
engine and start searching for new publishers for

Ditch the garbage content that has been used more times
than Seattle’s slough. Once an article has been rehashed
and told over and over again it gets old, dull and
lifeless. Worse yet people become hardened to the message
and the lack of passion for the topic fails to shine
through to the reader. This is exactly what happens when
using content like private label rights; it’s cheap, poor
quality, sold to everyone and makes its way onto low grade
article directories all over the ‘net. The simple truth is
that real editors can see right through the low quality
garbage content and are not going to publish it.

Focus on high quality content and continuing to grow your
list of publications, which is really all you need to kick
start an article marketing campaign into high gear. If you
follow these simple guidelines you are on your way to
building an article marketing empire resulting in great
quality traffic and more sales for years to come.

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